winspool/tests: fix broken test for GetPrinterDriver (updated)

Detlef Riekenberg at
Mon May 1 17:54:09 CDT 2006

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> > In the other cases, the value depends on the Default Printer.
> > I have seen 213, 257, 294, 297, 319, 401
> > 
> > There is no Documentation, what the OS does with this Parameter when the
> > Function failed.
> An absent documentation should not stop us from testing such cases.

But only, when an Application need this undocumented behaviour.
There is no way to test the modification of "needed" on win9x.
IMHO Alexandre will not accept an NT-only test with GetVersion() here.
> > Fixing your broken tests is really Time-consuming:
> > test_DEVMODE failed, when the Printername has more 
> My tests are not broken. The fact that they don't pass on some no more
> existing/relevant systems doesn't invalidate the tests. 

dmDeviceName is documented here:

failure overview for a still existing/relevant system:
Example Results:

> Frankly, I don't
> see much point in running and fixing them on that platforms, 

IMHO, as long as wine support Apps, that are designed for win9x(95-ME),
the tests should not fail on that platforms, if possible.

> I'd consider that just an academic task.

I know, that NT3.51 is really old and incorrect in many places, but i
have a License and I run the tests on this System as a "fun project".

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      ... Detlef

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