Opera 3.21

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Tue May 2 05:33:41 CDT 2006

when closing the list of newsgroups with the full list displayed, Opera 
crashes and gives this nice backtrace:

wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0xffffffff at address 
0x11df:0x000029e2 (thread 0055), starting debugger...
WineDbg starting on pid 0x53
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0xffffffff in 16-bit 
code (11df:29e2).
In 16 bit mode.
Register dump:
  CS:11df SS:127f DS:13e7 ES:149f FS:003b GS:0033
  IP:29e2 SP:df5a BP:df6c FLAGS:0206(   - 00      - RIP1)
  AX:6f52 BX:13e7 CX:006c DX:141f SI:1827 DI:29dc
Stack dump:
0x127f:0xdf5a:  13e7 28f7 29dc 1827 141f 127f 0160 0000
0x127f:0xdf6a:  127f df75 2c21 11df 006c dff4 6302 11e7
0x127f:0xdf7a:  006c 11ff 0000 02d0 007b 02d0 a58c 7e2c
027c: sel=13e7 base=7da51108 limit=0000003f 16-bit rw-
0293: sel=149f base=7ccfabd8 limit=0000ffbf 16-bit rw-
=>1 0x11df:0x29e2 (0x11df:0x29e2)
   2 0x11df:0x2c21 (0x11df:0x2c21)
   3 0x6c11:0xe763 (0x6c11:0xe763)
   4 0x11ef:0xe9d7 (0x11ef:0xe9d7)
   5 0x1247:0xa1df (0x1247:0xa1df)
   6 0x11ff:0xbf14 (0x11ff:0xbf14)
   7 0x11ff:0xad75 (0x11ff:0xad75)
   8 0x11ff:0xbc9a (0x11ff:0xbc9a)
   9 0x101f:0x0468 in kernel32 (+0x643c4) (0x101f:0x0468)
   10 0x7fc636fb K32WOWCallback16Ex+0x119 in kernel32 (0x7fc636fb)
   11 0x7fa650b6 WINPROC_wrapper+0x79a in user32 (0x7fa650b6)
   12 0x7fa69c4f CallWindowProcW+0xdb in user32 (0x7fa69c4f)
   13 0x7fa40e7c in user32 (+0x50e7c) (0x7fa40e7c)
   14 0x7fa4126a SendMessageTimeoutW+0xef in user32 (0x7fa4126a)
   15 0x7fa41334 SendMessageW+0x3f in user32 (0x7fa41334)
   16 0x7fa4bf93 RedrawWindow+0x18b in user32 (0x7fa4bf93)
   17 0x7fa05a59 RedrawWindow16+0x67 in user32 (0x7fa05a59)
   18 0x7fa05c11 UpdateWindow16+0x31 in user32 (0x7fa05c11)
   19 0x7f9fa22d in user32 (+0xa22d) (0x7f9fa22d)
   20 0x7fc63fd2 in kernel32 (+0x63fd2) (0x7fc63fd2)
   21 0x11ff:0x7158 (0x11ff:0x7158)
   22 0x11ef:0xb527 (0x11ef:0xb527)
   23 0x11ef:0xbfc6 (0x11ef:0xbfc6)
   24 0x11ef:0xdcf2 (0x11ef:0xdcf2)
   25 0x1247:0xa6f8 (0x1247:0xa6f8)
   26 0x11ef:0x5562 (0x11ef:0x5562)
   27 0x124f:0x3076 (0x124f:0x3076)
   28 0x124f:0x309f (0x124f:0x309f)
   29 0x11ff:0xc967 (0x11ff:0xc967)
   30 0x11ff:0xb101 (0x11ff:0xb101)
   31 0x11ff:0xc7a4 (0x11ff:0xc7a4)
   32 0x101f:0x0468 in kernel32 (+0x643c4) (0x101f:0x0468)
   33 0x7fc636fb K32WOWCallback16Ex+0x119 in kernel32 (0x7fc636fb)
   34 0x7fa650b6 WINPROC_wrapper+0x79a in user32 (0x7fa650b6)
   35 0x7fa69c4f CallWindowProcW+0xdb in user32 (0x7fa69c4f)
   36 0x7fa40e7c in user32 (+0x50e7c) (0x7fa40e7c)
   37 0x7fa4126a SendMessageTimeoutW+0xef in user32 (0x7fa4126a)
   38 0x7fa41334 SendMessageW+0x3f in user32 (0x7fa41334)
   39 0x7fa1b3ef in user32 (+0x2b3ef) (0x7fa1b3ef)
   40 0x7fa1b79f DefWindowProcA+0x386 in user32 (0x7fa1b79f)
   41 0x7fa47563 DefWindowProc16+0x1fd in user32 (0x7fa47563)
   42 0x7fa06a62 DefMDIChildProc16+0x1ca in user32 (0x7fa06a62)
   43 0x7f9facfa in user32 (+0xacfa) (0x7f9facfa)
   44 0x7fc63fd2 in kernel32 (+0x63fd2) (0x7fc63fd2)
   45 0x11ff:0xb0aa (0x11ff:0xb0aa)
   46 0x11ff:0xc7a4 (0x11ff:0xc7a4)
   47 0x101f:0x0468 in kernel32 (+0x643c4) (0x101f:0x0468)
   48 0x7fc636fb K32WOWCallback16Ex+0x119 in kernel32 (0x7fc636fb)
   49 0x7fa650b6 WINPROC_wrapper+0x79a in user32 (0x7fa650b6)
   50 0x7fa69c4f CallWindowProcW+0xdb in user32 (0x7fa69c4f)
   51 0x7fa40e7c in user32 (+0x50e7c) (0x7fa40e7c)
   52 0x7fa4126a SendMessageTimeoutW+0xef in user32 (0x7fa4126a)
   53 0x7fa41334 SendMessageW+0x3f in user32 (0x7fa41334)
   54 0x7f80409d X11DRV_SetWindowPos+0x9f9 in winex11 (0x7f80409d)
   55 0x7fa63ef6 SetWindowPos+0xd5 in user32 (0x7fa63ef6)
   56 0x7f8046c7 X11DRV_ShowWindow+0x1c2 in winex11 (0x7f8046c7)
   57 0x7fa6395c ShowWindow+0x66 in user32 (0x7fa6395c)
   58 0x7fa36753 in user32 (+0x46753) (0x7fa36753)
   59 0x7fa37d54 in user32 (+0x47d54) (0x7fa37d54)
   60 0x7fa3860a in user32 (+0x4860a) (0x7fa3860a)
   61 0x7fa64936 WINPROC_wrapper+0x1a in user32 (0x7fa64936)
   62 0x7fa64ec1 WINPROC_wrapper+0x5a5 in user32 (0x7fa64ec1)
   63 0x7fa6a457 CallWindowProcW+0x8e3 in user32 (0x7fa6a457)
   64 0x7fa40e7c in user32 (+0x50e7c) (0x7fa40e7c)
   65 0x7fa4126a SendMessageTimeoutW+0xef in user32 (0x7fa4126a)
   66 0x7fa41334 SendMessageW+0x3f in user32 (0x7fa41334)
   67 0x7fa37183 DefMDIChildProcW+0x335 in user32 (0x7fa37183)
   68 0x7fa06964 DefMDIChildProc16+0xcc in user32 (0x7fa06964)
   69 0x7f9facfa in user32 (+0xacfa) (0x7f9facfa)
   70 0x7fc63fd2 in kernel32 (+0x63fd2) (0x7fc63fd2)
   71 0x11ff:0xb0aa (0x11ff:0xb0aa)
   72 0x11ff:0xc7a4 (0x11ff:0xc7a4)
   73 0x101f:0x0468 in kernel32 (+0x643c4) (0x101f:0x0468)
   74 0x7fc636fb K32WOWCallback16Ex+0x119 in kernel32 (0x7fc636fb)
   75 0x7fa650b6 WINPROC_wrapper+0x79a in user32 (0x7fa650b6)
   76 0x7fa698b2 in user32 (+0x798b2) (0x7fa698b2)
   77 0x7fa69a81 CallWindowProcA+0x88 in user32 (0x7fa69a81)
   78 0x7fa40e98 in user32 (+0x50e98) (0x7fa40e98)
   79 0x7fa446e7 SendMessageTimeoutA+0xef in user32 (0x7fa446e7)
   80 0x7fa44839 SendMessageA+0x3f in user32 (0x7fa44839)
   81 0x7fa4b2f7 NC_HandleSysCommand+0x17c in user32 (0x7fa4b2f7)
   82 0x7fa1afe2 in user32 (+0x2afe2) (0x7fa1afe2)
   83 0x7fa1babf DefWindowProcW+0x2da in user32 (0x7fa1babf)
   84 0x7fa3719e DefMDIChildProcW+0x350 in user32 (0x7fa3719e)
   85 0x7fa06964 DefMDIChildProc16+0xcc in user32 (0x7fa06964)
   86 0x7f9facfa in user32 (+0xacfa) (0x7f9facfa)
   87 0x7fc63fd2 in kernel32 (+0x63fd2) (0x7fc63fd2)
   88 0x11ff:0xb0aa (0x11ff:0xb0aa)
   89 0x11ff:0xc7a4 (0x11ff:0xc7a4)
   90 0x101f:0x0468 in kernel32 (+0x643c4) (0x101f:0x0468)
   91 0x7fc636fb K32WOWCallback16Ex+0x119 in kernel32 (0x7fc636fb)
   92 0x7fa650b6 WINPROC_wrapper+0x79a in user32 (0x7fa650b6)
   93 0x7fa69c4f CallWindowProcW+0xdb in user32 (0x7fa69c4f)
   94 0x7fa40e7c in user32 (+0x50e7c) (0x7fa40e7c)
   95 0x7fa4126a SendMessageTimeoutW+0xef in user32 (0x7fa4126a)
   96 0x7fa41334 SendMessageW+0x3f in user32 (0x7fa41334)
   97 0x7fa389a1 DefFrameProcW+0x140 in user32 (0x7fa389a1)
   98 0x7fa38c2f DefFrameProcA+0xdb in user32 (0x7fa38c2f)
   99 0x7fa0681f DefFrameProc16+0x9b in user32 (0x7fa0681f)
   100 0x7f9fae77 in user32 (+0xae77) (0x7f9fae77)
   101 0x7fc63fd2 in kernel32 (+0x63fd2) (0x7fc63fd2)
   102 0x121f:0xb608 (0x121f:0xb608)
   103 0x121f:0xd475 (0x121f:0xd475)
   104 0x101f:0x0468 in kernel32 (+0x643c4) (0x101f:0x0468)
   105 0x7fc636fb K32WOWCallback16Ex+0x119 in kernel32 (0x7fc636fb)
   106 0x7fa650b6 WINPROC_wrapper+0x79a in user32 (0x7fa650b6)
   107 0x7fa69989 CallWindowProc16+0x95 in user32 (0x7fa69989)
   108 0x7fa47989 DispatchMessage16+0xe8 in user32 (0x7fa47989)
   109 0x7f9f9cf0 in user32 (+0x9cf0) (0x7f9f9cf0)
   110 0x7fc63fd2 in kernel32 (+0x63fd2) (0x7fc63fd2)
   111 0x121f:0xd203 (0x121f:0xd203)
   112 0x11df:0x00fb (0x11df:0x00fb)
   113 0x11df:0x00c8 (0x11df:0x00c8)
0x11df:0x29e2: movw     0xa(%bx),%si

It also keeps complaining about this while browsing the newsgroups:
err:msg:PostMessage16 16-bit message 0x000c contains pointer, cannot post
err:msg:PostMessage16 16-bit message 0x000c contains pointer, cannot post
err:winsock:WS_setsockopt Invalid level (-1) or optname (128)
err:winsock:WS_setsockopt Invalid level (-1) or optname (128)

None of this affect using it as a web browser in any way what-so-ever.
The real problem with C++ for kernel modules is: the language just sucks.
	-- Linus Torvalds

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