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Tue May 2 11:40:58 CDT 2006

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 09:12:11AM -0700, Thomas Hehl wrote:

> 1. On the line: Call user32.GetClipboardData(00000001) ret=00439e26,
> what does the ret mean? Isn't the return value posted later in the
> log?
a) "ret" is the return address of the function.
b) the return value is posted at the end of the line (retval).

> 2. I haven't found a user32.c and have found many, many hits in the
> source for GetClipboardData that I'm trying to sort through? How do I
> find the source code for that call?
The command

% find WINESRCTREE -name "*user32*"

  produces the directory 'dlls/user'.

> 3. Since I haven't found that, I can't verify the type being passed
> it. It should be CF_TEXT, but without the source, how do I find the
> value for that constant?
The command

% grep 'define CF_TEXT' . -r
./include/winuser.h:3654:#define CF_TEXT              1

  shows it.

> 4. It looks like GetClipboardData returned a handle with a value of
> 796d604a, then it immediately locks this. It then turns around and
> unlocks it without doing anything, then never uses this handle again.
> Is this right?
I don't know, but I suppose there's stuff missing in between.

> 5. After all that, it appears to allocate and unallocate memory and
> then re-open the clipboard. Is it doing this because the last time it
> tried it got nothing? Then, because it returned 0000000, it gave up
> and generated an error?
This I don't know either.


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