Anyone actively working on ITypeInfo_fnInvoke and VariantChangeType?

Robert Shearman rob at
Tue May 2 13:44:53 CDT 2006

Bill Medland wrote:

>before I start trying to get up to speed on it.
>Congratulations.  My company's program now gets somewhere with 
>the builtin ole dlls (thanks to fixes in the out-of-process COM) 
>so I am interested in trying to get it to work completely with 
>them (especially since the native ones no longer work)
>What I have just fallen over is some VB that calls a method that 
>results in 
>ITypeInfo_fnInvoke failed to convert param 0 to VT_VARIANT|
>VT_BYREF from VT_I2.
>So I changed the VB and ended up with 
>ITypeInfo_fnInvoke failed to convert param 0 to VT_VARIANT|
>Now it seems to me that it ought at least to handle the second 
>case, but that probably demonstrates that I don't know what I am 
>talking about.
>Anyway; if someone is already working on that sort of thing then 
>there is probably little point in me trying to learn it all.  
>However if no-one is then I guess I will start trying to learn 

I had hoped others would continue development on typelib stuff, picking 
up from where I left off after the rewrite to use more of 
VariantChangeType, but unfortunately this isn't the case and I don't 
have enough time to work on this area too much. Fortunately, I don't 
think there are too many issues left to fix and already the new code in 
ITypeInfo::Invoke gets some programs working that wouldn't work with the 
old code.

Does this patch fix both issues for you?

Rob Shearman

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