Dogfood report: Firefox autoupdate works

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed May 3 15:15:06 CDT 2006

On 5/3/06, Marcus Meissner <marcus at> wrote:
> Its more of feature bloatedness and codesize vs small (but full necessary)
> featureset and clean programming ;)

Yeah, maybe. I can't really compare. I have passing familiarty with
Gecko and they're cleaning it up a lot, but it's still very very

> Yeah similar to this strange emulator program where users actually
> download .exe files and run them under Linux :)

Heh, yeah but who cares about security problems in Wine :) If you are
running the EXE well, it already has full privs. Problem solved!

> helix-dbus-server is a good start (although for 64 <-> 32bit interop),
> imgsep a nice idea, seccomp a too restricted idea ... and so on. ;)

Yes the work was inspired by Walters imsep. Except DBUS is not really
a great transport for this kind of thing. I was able to get something
like a 8-10x speed improvement over MS-RPC (tested on Wine of course
:) which isn't too bad .... the other main benefit of the RPC system I
built is it's very easy to use, no IDL or language neutrality issues,
you can pass pointers to structures allocated on the stack, in a
shared heap etc and it all "just works" :)

thanks -mike

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