setupapi: add case sensitivity string table tests [try 2]

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed May 3 21:25:27 CDT 2006

Hi Andrew,

Sorry I didn't spot this the first time round:

Andrew Ziem wrote:

> +    /* case insensitive */
>      retval=pStringTableAddString(table,string,0);
>      ok(retval!=-1,"Failed to add string to String Table\n");
> +    
> +    retval2=pStringTableAddString(table,String,0);
> +    ok(retval2!=-1,"Failed to add String to String Table\n");  

You get a much better regression test by checking for an exact match of 
the output.  Only retval2==-1 will make the above test fail.  What about 
-2?  Assuming retval2 should be zero, how about:

ok(retval2==0,"Failed to add String to String Table\n")

> +    ok(retval=retval2,"string and String have different IDs in String Table\n");        

Did you mean to use == here?


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