[WINED3D 1/8] Place number of textures/addresses and temps used inside the baseShader struct to prepare for merging of GenerateShader routine.

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Fri May 5 13:37:39 CDT 2006

Jason Green wrote:
> The following 8 patches apply to Mike's tree and accomplish the 
> following:
> - Create a new function in baseshader named generate_base_shader()
> which generates the bulk of the GL ARB shader string.
> - Renames the GenerateProgramArbHW() in both ps & vs to
> GenerateShader() and minimizes the number of specific things that need
> to go in them.
Merging things between pixel and vertex shaders is the right idea, but 
we need to think about supporting multiple output targets as well - 
arbfp/arbvp vs glsl. Any shader_addline() being called is output target 

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