[WINED3D] Flip red/blue for R8G8B8 format.

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Sun May 7 04:30:06 CDT 2006

H. Verbeet wrote:
> On 06/05/06, Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 at cornell.edu> wrote:
>> [ applies on top of Mike's tree, but hopefully on the main tree too ]
>> R8G8B8 means red is the most significant bit.
>> On a little-endian system, the texture is stored starting with blue.
>> It is read byte-by-byte (GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE), therefore it needs to be
>> flipped to GL_BGR.
>> This makes Demo #2 (texture mapping:
>> http://www.zanir.szm.sk/dx00-09.html) show the correct colors.
>> Also, in HL2, it makes Barney's face human color (previously it was 
>> blue).
>> I think Stefan Dosinger saw improvement on some other demos.
> There might be more to this. This was changed the other way around not
> too long ago. See
> http://source.winehq.org/git/?p=wine.git;a=commit;h=252c4adb965a26db19c1c9161c40a82b488cb6d4 
Well, I haven't tested Age of Mythology - maybe Aric can see if the 
patch breaks it [maybe check exactly which formats are used in that game?]

The way I interpret it currently, R3G3B2 would also be broken by 
reversal to GL_RGB [ here we're reading a single byte,  so the fields 
read should be RGB-order imho, but then are reversed by the _REV suffix 
(GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE_2_3_3_REV), so the end format appears to be BGR)... 
but maybe I'm misunderstanding how this works.

> It might just be that the glDrawPixels call should've been changed
> instead last time.  (Shouldn't those simply use the format in
> This->glDescription.glFormat in the first place?)
I think it should. I have a patch that does exactly this, but not sure 
how to test it (render targets?).
Other things in there look wrong (not matching the ones in LockRect that 
come from utils.c).

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