Wine regression; app stopped working after 0.9.9

Herman Bos hbos at
Sun May 7 10:26:11 CDT 2006


We are using Ambrasoft, a Dutch educational software suite. It currently
works on wine 0.9.9. But unfortunately not on later versions. When it
just got out I tried wine 0.9.10, but unfortunately Ambrasoft hangs on
start up with this release. I was fairly busy but now I'm giving it
another shot.

Currently using wine 0.9.12 and it doesn't hang however the application
reports the following errors:

[3][error] [13] in functie [MT6SchoolMenu::Main]
Type mismatch
[2][error] [13] in functie [T6SchoolMenu::MT6SchoolMenu::Init]
Type mismatch
[1][error] [13] in functie [CGroepCollection::Initialize]
Type mismatch
[0][error] [13] in functie [MDBAccess::GetGroepLijst]
Type mismatch
Log string:
AmbraSoft.Ini bestand gevonden, Access version (location=M:\Ambrasoft\
provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0) Schoolpakket 9

The software uses an MS Access database and it looks like it goes bad in
that department. I'm not sure how to supply more information.

If requested I could build it with debug symbols and backtrace it
(although i'm not sure with which parameters). Currently I'm using the
ubuntu package from winehq but that probably doesn't matter.

The number 1 reason I would like to try this new version is because I
noticed improved esd support in the changelog of 0.9.10. I hope it works
(we use thinclients that use esd for sound).

Any hints/tips/tricks/feedback would be appeciated.

Kind regards,

Herman Bos

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