Wine regression; app stopped working after 0.9.9

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun May 7 13:11:40 CDT 2006

Herman wrote:
> We are using Ambrasoft, a Dutch educational software suite. It currently
> works on wine 0.9.9. But unfortunately not on later versions. When it
> just got out I tried wine 0.9.10, but unfortunately Ambrasoft hangs on
> start up with this release.
> Currently using wine 0.9.12 and it doesn't hang however the application
> reports the following errors:
> [3][error] [13] in functie [MT6SchoolMenu::Main]
> Type mismatch
> ... Access version (location=M:\Ambrasoft\
>provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0) Schoolpakket 9 ...
>If requested I could build it with debug symbols and backtrace it
>(although i'm not sure with which parameters). Currently I'm using the
>ubuntu package from winehq but that probably doesn't matter.

Hi Herman,
What does the Wine console log say?
- Dan

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