SoC idea: fix wine 2398 bug.

Marcin Kardas marcin.kardas at
Mon May 8 10:16:27 CDT 2006

2006/5/8, Huw Davies <h.davies1 at>:
> On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 01:47:54PM +0200, Marcin Kardas wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm participate in Google summer of code and I'm going to send
> > application with my own idea. I would like to fix popular wine bug -
> > On
> > there are some ideas how to do this and
> > I think that this one with glViewport and glScissor is the best one.
> > I've made some test and it should work, but may be it will cause
> > another problems to solve, for example conecting X graphic context
> > with GLContext. Maybe I will have to rewritte wine graphics function
> > to use only OpenGL (or may be I will found another way). What do you
> > think about it?
> One of the hard things about the glScissor approach is coping with
> clipping other child windows.  Have you thought about how to do this
> yet?
> Huw.
> --
> Huw Davies
> huw at
I've writen (very) simple test program for Linux, you can download it from:

This program, like Wine, is using only one X window, and other GL
scenes are emulated. I can to this same for Wine, and it will be first
real improvement, because many GL scenes now will be working parallel
and will be drawed in good place (not like now, when everything is
drawed in lower-left corner). The second and the last improvment and
the hardest one, is to 'synchronieze' GLXContext with X Window
Context. Maybe I will have to draw Wine subwindows by OpenGL in this
same GLXContext (I'm not sure if it is acceptable), or just draw GL on
this same Pixmap.

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