PBuffer and wglMakeCurrent()

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Mon May 8 16:20:14 CDT 2006

In wglMakeCurrent(), when the HDC type is OBJ_MEMDC you activate the
frontbuffer for drawing. PBuffers' type is also OBJ_MEMDC, but changing
the drawbuffer in that case is wrong.

Is there a way to find out if the HDC is a PBuffer? I have some patches
in my local tree but I took the freedom to put the X11DRV escape codes
to one common header which alexandre doesn't quite like..
In my local tree I have a 'flags' field in X11DRV_PDEVICE which I use to
store whether the PBuffer is damaged or not, I don't know if its the
right place, but I could add a flag IS_PBUFFER and set it in
wglGetPbufferDCARB() and check for it in wglMakeCurrent().



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