[Wine] Wine + serial port basically hangs system

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue May 9 04:44:17 CDT 2006


this is a thread from wine-users. I think further discussion of this issue
is better done on wine-devel. 

 In short, Dan Armbrust notices some application (heavy weather.exe)
accessing the serial port causing a high system load. As the application
uses WaitCommEvent, I fear that my implementation of WaitCommEvent is
inappropriate. In my last posting, I ask Dan to count the calls to
WaitcommEvent by counting the number of lines containing WaitCommEvent in a
relay log. His results are:

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Armbrust <daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com> writes:

    Dan> I let the app run for about 2 minutes, at the standard priority -
    Dan> basically until the system was about ready to take a dive :)

    Dan> Data was coming in to the program and being displayed before I
    Dan> killed it.

    Dan> The count on WaitCommEvent was 15051 - so I guess we would have
    Dan> 7526 calls to WaitCommEvent in < 2 minutes.  It probably took the
    Dan> first 30 seconds just to get the app up and running, so that was
    Dan> maybe 90 seconds of actually accessing the serial port.

As Dan's machine is not a "big iron one", I guess these about 7500 thread
creation/termination in about 90 seconds could explain the high system load.

In the moment, my implementation of WaitCommEvent creates a thread in the
context of the running program for every call. Any ideas how to do it

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