German resources for gphoto2.ds

Hans Leidekker hans at
Tue May 9 08:59:41 CDT 2006

Hi Melchior,

Thank you for your patch!

Your patch uses the UTF-8 character set which is not what Wine's (or the
native) resource compiler expects.

If the source file on your disk uses UTF-8 (check with 'file source.rc')
you can fix this by converting it to an acceptable character set, for example
like this:

 $ iconv --from-code UTF-8 --to-code CP1252 source.rc > source.CP1252.rc

It could also be that your mail client converts the patch to UTF-8. In
this case you should check your settings. It may also help to attach the 
patch instead of sending it inline if you were not doing that already.

I also saw this:

+    PUSHBUTTON      "Alle Improtieren",IDC_IMPORTALL,7,252,52,14


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