Wine installation on Ubuntu Dapper

Jason Green jave27 at
Tue May 9 09:05:32 CDT 2006

On 5/9/06, Marco Eminente <marco.eminente at> wrote:
> Thanks to suggestions from Vitaliy Margolen, Neil Skrypuch and Scott
> Ritchie I downloaded and manually installed 32 bit libraries

I've found that the only truly clean way to build Wine in Ubuntu AMD64
is to use a chroot environment.  Google on for details
on how to set that up.  The biggest benefit of that method (besides
the fact that it "just works" [eventually]) is that you can keep up to
date with security updates for your 32-bit packages.  The way you're
doing it manually, you are now responsible for updating your 32-bit
libs each time there is a security update.  Whereas, with a chroot,
you can just run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade".

It would be really nice if Ubuntu had a pre-packaged Wine[-dev]
environment for 64-bit systems (which would include all of the
necessary 32-bit libs placed in the correct locations), but no one has
taken the effort yet AFAIK.

When I was trying to compile the manual way like you are, I had some
issues with Wine's configure script pointing to the wrong libraries in
a few places. It was looking in /usr/lib by default, when it needed to
look in /usr/lib32 in order to actually work.  At that time, however,
I didn't know enough about Wine to do much about it besides manually
editing my Makefiles each time I ran ./configure.

Good luck, though, and if you get it all down, please post a HOWTO on
the Wine wiki.  Thanks!

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