PBuffer and wglMakeCurrent()

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Tue May 9 11:00:52 CDT 2006

Tomas Carnecky wrote:
> comments?

Why do I have the impression that when it comes to x11drv/opengl nobody
wants to take the responsibility. I won't submit a patch until someone
says 'tom, your approach looks good, improve this and then submit a
patch to wine-patches' or 'tom, no, this won't work because ... try to
change this ... move the code there ... don't do that, it will break
this' etc.
I don't want to know whether the implementation details are ok, I just
want to know whether the general idea (the flags field) is acceptable.

I did the changes I've described and it does work, but I won't work on
it any further (eg. make it independent of my previous patches) unless I
get a green light.

In the attachment is the latest patch I've applied to my local tree, you
see that it requires the X11DRV_[S|G]ET_FLAGS escape code which I've
added in one of my previous patches. Maybe that gives you an better idea
of what I'm trying to do.


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