Dos-promt for Wine and other tools to integrate in wine

blackcrack blackcrack at
Tue May 9 17:07:56 CDT 2006


the pshell is now commezial, but it's a good idea
to make a command-promt for wine.. , and i think
other users wish a commandline in wine to clean execute
dosprogramms in a window who can kill the exec-windows-cmd-line
is hang it.. the same is, a clear room for dosprogramms who can
insert explizit variables and kan take a autoexec and config.sys
to load drivers for the meulating hardware in wine.. humm, why not use
a autoexec.nt and config.nt... or autoexec.wn and config.wn
to configurating the dosvariables in wine and to get
ram,exetendet and other memory and set it in config.wn (ram=128m ; ext=640k)
and make for it a "mem" to show the memory-config ... and why not use
the wineserver as a tsr-progamm to start with the windowmanager to load the
dos-command in backround and if start a win32-program it's start mutch
faster if had start the wineserver by User and Windowmanager and have
a stiky-icon in the Systemtray in KDE and Gnome or other WM's
how Openoffice run-helper or how name is it ;)
So can you load dos-16Bit cmd and the Win32-labary in backround and if
execute a Win32-Program can now faster run and take faster the
entrys in registry and dll's and have/can set the "SET" cariables explizite
for Win32 and dos-16bit... wit the winecfg can adjust the "autoexec.bat"
and "config.sys" for Dos (Wine-dos-emulation) and can use a 
via bios.bin and this can load the 
io.sys,msdos.sys,config.sys, boot.bin),
and autoexec.bat for make explizite variables in wine-enviroment.
Let not boot wine with "wine" , let start wine with wineserver
and the first step let be, configuring the wine, without start
the wineserver, over winecfg and make more entrys, how manny ram,
memory and so, C:-entry who the user like and not in the hidden .wine-dir...
bah... i make the first step to adjusting the C: Folder to my 
Useraccount under
/home/user/win_c, it's better if a want move files and save files
in my Win32-folder... the best Steps be, :

1. winecfg - without start wine/wineserver - Configuring my Wine explizit
2. Set my C: / WineFolder, where i want ! eg: where the USER want ,
and other Folders, Net-Folders,CD-Rom and so..
3. Set the variables, how manny ram, ext. Mem and the 640k (you now what 
i mean?)
the cmd, dosenviroment,path-variables, Sound and other variables what 
Wine need.

4. Now, start the Wine with wineserver who make a little systray-icon to 
be in the
backround as tsr-programm/-wineserver- as 
dos16bit-win32-libary-and-enviroment-server ;)

5. and now we have all win32-eviroment what we need, DDE, Ole32 and the 
programms who need still running can still running and be in the backround.

A singelklick or dubbleklick on the wineserver-icon in the systray let 
the winecfg and with rightklick a list were can be the controlpanel ;)

this constellation is good for reactos too, i think... ;)

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