SoC idea: fix wine 2398 bug.

Raphael fenix at
Fri May 12 05:37:58 CDT 2006

On Thursday 11 May 2006 11:48, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> "Marcin Kardas" <marcin.kardas at> writes:
> > On there is written, that someone has
> > tried to fix this bug like this - map Windows' window with X window
> > one to one (it was my first idea). But there is also written, that
> >
> > " having a Win32 window <=> X11 window one to one mapping is not
> > feasible (it was done once but Alexandre removed it as part of the
> > window management rewrite as it lead to some problems in
> > applications)".
> >
> > Does anybody know what type of problem it was - may be unfortunately
> > programmer make another bug in code while solving this one??
> It's not just a simple bug, it's fundamental incompatibilities between
> Win32 and X11 windows WRT clipping and repainting, not to mention
> inter-process issues. We really don't want to go back to having an X
> window for every Win32 window.

Well, can be possible to have a particular case for opengl/ddraw/d3d 
applications (ie. GLX needed applications) ?
As for GLX code is a lot better to have separate X windows (as GLX context is 
per windows).

I was thinking first to force creation on an GLXWindow when first enabling 
openGL, to solve most of the problems of wglShareLists.

Anyway, this don't solve all cases of 2398 bug (only multi windows bugs)
remains intra windows gl contexts

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