Cursor questions

H. Verbeet hverbeet at
Fri May 12 11:27:39 CDT 2006

On 12/05/06, Kuba Ober <kuba at> wrote:
> Lying is one thing, another thing is that there might be some apps that
> actually read the cursor, modify the bitmap and use that modified bitmap for
> a new cursor. In that case we'd better make sure that we actually give the
> app the real image.
> Color X11 cursors shouldn't be a big deal since even in win95 you had color
> cursors, albeit with one bit alpha if memory serves me right.
> So methinks as long as the app can retrieve a real in-use cursor bitmap,
> that'd be good enough. Then Wine would just need to use these X default
> cursors as its own defaults, rather then the stock defaults that come with
> Wine.
> Does Wine support color cursors at all on the API side? As that might be a
> thing to support first, before we start talking about color X cursors.
API wise, yes.
Note that modifying the cursor is only supposed to work with 16-bits
applications, which can call GlobalLock16 on the cursor handle.
Supporting color or animated cursors on the x11drv side isn't terribly
hard, but at least in the case of animated cursors we need to store
extra information in the cursor, which isn't compatible with the way
some 16-bits applications use the cursor.

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