Quiet valgrind warnings in init_current_teb

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sun May 14 02:01:04 CDT 2006

Mike Hearn wrote:
> Hmm, are you sure this isn't a bug in Valgrind itself? The code it's
> warning on is this:
> inline static void wine_ldt_set_limit( LDT_ENTRY *ent, unsigned int limit )
> {
>     if ((ent->HighWord.Bits.Granularity = (limit >= 0x100000))) limit >>= 12;
>     ent->LimitLow = (WORD)limit;
>     ent->HighWord.Bits.LimitHi = (limit >> 16);
> }
> but unless I'm reading it wrong this is not testing ent
> before initialization at all, it's testing limit, assigning to ent, then
> testing the result of that assignment ... which seems to be valid.
> Of course, working around bugs in Valgrind may be a useful thing to do for
> now ... that code is seriously terrifying stuff. And I thought Wine was
> scary :)
there were some late fixes in valgrind about bit manipulation insn:s 
(yesterday or so IIRC). This could be related. You may want to check out 
valgrind's svn.

Eric Pouech

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