Valgrind warning cleanup...

Vassilis Virvilis vasvir at
Sun May 14 02:07:45 CDT 2006

Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 5/13/06, leslie.polzer at <leslie.polzer at> wrote:
>> I know this kind of errors from working on GNU Parted with Valgrind, and
>> my policy is to leave the code alone when I can't spot why it should be
>> wrong.
>>   I strongly advise against doing otherwise.
> I'll buy that.  That's why I sent the note to wine-devel instead
> of wine-patches.
> There's another valgrind warning that is much more understandable,
> and I'm sending an obvious fix for it to wine-patches.
> (My first patch missed one instance, so I'm resending.)
> I'd appreciate it if you could check that one, too.
> - Dan

For errors like these valgrind has a feature that records them (the errors) and
allows you to put them somewhere so they get excluded from future runs. I have
never done it though so I don't know if the feature works as advertised but for
sure I have been tempted enough by the various ld/dlopen issues to start me
reading the man page.


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