Moving menus to wineserver

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun May 14 17:02:07 CDT 2006

wineserver currently tracks a lot of info about windows (those
things on the screen, not the operating system).
It turns out (see )
that it probably needs to do the same thing for menus and menuitems
to make the win32 apis GetMenuItemCount and GetMenuItemInfo
work for menus of other processes.  (Why would you need that,
you say?  To support gui test scripting languages, e.g.
Perl's win32::GuiTest; see
I have a feeling that big companies won't take Wine seriously
until they can run their apps' regression tests on Wine.  So this
is, if not urgent, at least pretty desirable.)

This seems to be part of Dimi Paun's TODO list.
Dimi, were you about to do this?  If not, am I on the right track here?


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