dnsapi: Switch from libresolv to libbind for DNS support.

Hans Leidekker hans at it.vu.nl
Mon May 15 06:34:12 CDT 2006

On Monday 15 May 2006 12:52, Marcus Meissner wrote:

> While it is allowed to link it, it will also make dnsapi and likely
> WINE itself fall under the BSD 4 clause license (additionaly to LGPL)
> and both need to be honored from this point on.

I guess this rules out linking to libbind.

> I think the DNS parsing code itself in libbind is under normal BSD
> license and the pieces necessary could be copied/imported safely into
> LGPL code.

Yes, and the update code is under normal BSD license too. So the option
left is to go back to using libresolv and import some 50 kilobytes of
parsing and update code under the BSD license.


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