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I tried to copy a formated text object into the clipboard. (Click on the Text Tool and on the page and write some letters. Resize it (make it a little bit bigger) and than CTRL+C, move the original and try to paste the previous copied text back in to Corel.) so its just a test if copy/paste works. I use such actions often to copy some design elements to a other page.
> and to which application were you pasting?
The is a kind of misunderstanding. I just want to copy/paste from/into the same application instance of Corel Draw 9. And sometimes this works (on some Linux distributions (SuSE/Fedora etc.). But currently I don't have one who the copy/paste works. The most strange about this is that I observed that it  works on a SuSE 10 on a office computer but not on a SuSE 10 system at home. Currently I'm updating the systems to SuSE 10.1 and saw on my notebook that it also not works with SuSE 10.1, Xorg 6.9, KDE 3.5.1, Wine 0.9.13. So I can't find a pattern by which I get a idea form which part the bug comes. You might test it on diffrent systems to get a overview what happens. The debug output was created on a system with SuSE 10.0 / xorg 6.8.2 / kde 3.5.1 / wine 0.9.13 and the most recent updates from suse.

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Many thanks


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>What exactly did you do to generate the log? What did you copy and to which
>application were you pasting? Was this two instances of Corel Draw?

>I might be able to get my hands on a copy of Corel Draw 9 sometime next
>week. If I can I'll see if I can reproduce the bug.



On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 09:12:30PM +0000, Roland Kaeser wrote:
> Hello
> I started CorelDraw with the given WINEDEBUG options but there is no  chance to get success with this options. It took me more than 2 hours just to start Corel and generated about 1.5GB of log output. Even moving the mouse generated more than 5000 lines of debug output. So I removed the +relay option. And here is the generated debug output which is already a lot of text. (See the attachement). I hope this is enough information to find where there bug exactly comes. Many thanks for the efforts.
> Roland Kaeser
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> >On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 06:20:13AM +0000, Roland Kaeser wrote:
> >> >The only major issues that I'm aware of are coping and pasting OLE embedded
> >>  >objects. That should be taken care of when Rob is finished his COM work.
> >> 
> >> >IMO 633, 2382 and 5061 are not really copy and paste bugs. They are caused
> >> >by problems translating from windows data formats to linux data formats and
> >> >vice versa.
> >> 
> >> As far as I know, all "complex" objects in the windows clipboard, such as formatted text, images etc. is stored as rtf-object. 
> >> BTW: There is also a bug #3611 which was marked as dublicate of #633 but its not the exact reason.
> >> 
> >> I recognized that the copy and paste bug #3611 works on some systems. I may have to do with some X11 library/KDE Lib versions. etc.  Is there a kind of WINEDEBUG option to track what happens when copy/paste in application?
> >> On the other side I saw a lot of applications by which the copy/paste does not work. It seems to be a  much bigger issue than assumed.
> >> 
> >I agree, they are different bugs. I don't have Corel Draw 9 so if you can
> >send me a +relay,+clipboard,+tid trace I can take a look.
> >/Ulrich


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