user32: Make all the recently added ShowWindow tests pass in Wine

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed May 17 09:23:25 CDT 2006

"Tomas Carnecky" <tom at> wrote:

> This introduced a regression with WoW: The game starts fine, but as soon
> as I switch workspace the window disappears (isn't visible in the
> workspace switcher anymore), and when I switch back the game runs at
> 3-5fps.. dead slow.
> When I press ATL-TAB the game minimizes correctly (and the underlying
> gnome-terminal receives focus), but pressing ALT_TAB again doesn't make
> the game full-screen, the game appears as a 32x32pixel window in the top
> left corner of the screen. and from now on ALT-TAB toggles between these
> two modes, eg. invisible and 32x32pixel window.
> To bring the game to the foreground, I need to 'maximize' it using
> ALT-TAB, switch to another workspace and then back again. This however
> doesn't make the game run at fullspeed, it still runs slowly.
> I'm using E17 as the window manager, but I'll test it under metacity, too.

If you could minimize the failure to a small test case that would help
a lot.


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