Shell32 version, MS Office 2k installation and some dlls that could be implemented

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu May 18 11:17:28 CDT 2006

>   My questions here are:
>   - I am thinking of taking/adapting if needed code
> from the CrossOver Office wine and bringing them to
> the official wine just enough to make Office work.
> What do you think of this?
>   - I am wondering how come these were not ported
> already. Any thoughts? Any reason not to? I am
> definitely interested in doing it since I would like
> to have Office 2k working on the official wine too.

The only reason a change we make goes into CrossOver and
not WineHQ is because we know that Alexandre won't accept it.

In fact, we often bitch and moan about the @#$@#$@# Wine
maintainer <grin>.

So, it's certainly a good idea to try to get this functionality
into Wine, but be warned, each is usually a case where there
is a much harder/larger project needed to do it the 'right' way.



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