Does a tool like this exist already ?

Brent Pinkney brent.pinkney at
Fri May 19 02:49:14 CDT 2006

On Friday 19 May 2006 05:03, Mike McCormack wrote:
> samuel herzog wrote:
> > 2. The tool (let's call it WineDllSniffer) saves the list of dll's used by
> > application XYZ to a text-file.
> > 3. Now I take the text-file and use the second tool(let's call it
> > WineDllAssistance) which would
> >    compare the text-file and the wineconf-file and suggest the user to
> > install the needed stuff. (dcom98,scripten,vb-stuff etc.)
> Encouraging the use of Windows DLLs instead of Wine DLLs impedes the 
> development of Wine.
> If you find software that doesn't work with Wine out of the box (ie. all 
> builtin dlls), please report a bug.

Ok, I will take you up on this.

I am new to wine but am battling to get this groovy programme 'Wap Proof'

to run.

I am using version 1.2 (not 2.0) of Wap Proof. The install is fine and the emulator 
can load WML files which are on the hard drive.

However whenever it accesses the internet to fetch a WML page over HTTP it 
crashes reliably in wininet.dll.

This is a Unicode application, so it uses all the *W functions in this DLL.

I am running gentoo, so I have built my own wine will additional TRACE statements to 
confirm the problem.

I am a professional engineer so I am willing to assist.

How then should I best go about getting this resolved?



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