wine audio testing results

Kari Hurtta hurtta+gmane at
Fri May 19 16:27:53 CDT 2006

"Daniel Remenak" <dtremenak at> writes:

> No offense intended, but Stu's message DID have two attachments.  If
> you don't believe me, click on his message, then More Options, then
> Show Original, and you'll find two text file attachments in encoded in
> base64.  The fact that gmail chooses not to tell you they're
> attachments and displays them inline stems from the fact that they
> have a content-type of text/plain.  I don't know of any options to
> disable that behavior.
> > --------------040006020306030603060203
> > Content-Type: text/plain;
> >  name="winetest-alsa.out"
> > Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> > Content-Disposition: inline;
> >  filename="winetest-alsa.out"

'Content-Disposition: inline' is not attachment. It is asking display 
it inline!

'Content-Disposition: attachment' is asking show particular mime part 
as attachment.

/ Kari Hurtta

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