First Patch - Request for Help

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat May 20 02:42:51 CDT 2006

Andrew Talbot wrote:
> I submitted my first patch yesterday (a janitorial patch to fix a missing 
> declaration), but it looks like it didn't make the grade. I would be grateful 
> for some seasoned advice on how to bring it up to the standard, please.

I think (from the other emails you sent me) you should do the patches in 
this order:
- const string handling
- function prototypes which are intented to be (void) and declared as 
(). Beware, that a few of them should be kept as () and shouldn't be 
changed into (void)
- missing prototypes for some functions. This one is trickier, 
especially for internal/hidden prototypes, for which we don't want to 
publish them (debug_init() being one of them)

Eric Pouech

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