sound report

Sebastien Fievet sebastien.fievet at
Sat May 20 06:30:48 CDT 2006

Sound report:

   * Kernel 2.6.14
   * Sound driver: snd_sb16
   * Sound card: Sound Blaster 16 value edition (EISA card)
   * 32 bit LFS v4.0 (aka Linux from Scratch)
   * Alsa version 1.0.9a
   * Tested against Wine CVS of 05/20/06


   * Tested under winealsa
   * Alsa run reported 2 failures.
   * Very, very annoying crackling at each input change and pause. Despite
that sound by itself is clear. Sampling frequency increase obviously improve
sound quality. I didn't notice sound level changes.
   * Full log file of the run attached.
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