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Boaz Harrosh wine at
Mon May 22 04:27:26 CDT 2006

Stefan Dצsinger wrote:
> Am Samstag, 20. Mai 2006 23:13 schrieb Hבmorszky Balבzs:
>> it should be nice to make wine run on arm pda-s and run wince apps.
>> It could be a real good thing for linux on any pda and smartphone...
>> i think.
> First of all, I'm not an wince expert, so this could be wrong.
> If I remember correctly, this has been brought up before, and the problem is 
> that wince and normal windows are way too different for that to be possible. 
> Although some code could be shared, enabling wince apps on wine would almost  
> mean re-implementing wine.
> Stefan
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
I was the one that looked into it. It is not at all a re-implementing. 
It is only the places of functions that change. meaning, it is the same 
API but functions sit in different dll(s) So the all make system and 
spec files change. Also some tweaking to the loader.
ReactOS was able to run minimal WinCE application as is. There is a 
minimal skeleton of wincedll.dll over on ReactOS subversion. One thing 
that is not clear is the exceptions mechanics, memory layout, and maybe 
a wineCEbuilder too, but not necessarily.

So no. it is not a re-write. M$ did a rewrite but it does not mean it is 
a must. I would say it is an effort in par with a Wine-on-OSXx86.

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