ask for help about winecfg and alsa-lib

mengzhuo li muziwind at
Mon May 22 03:23:22 CDT 2006

hello, every one
  I have a question about winecfg and alsa-lib.  my alsa-lib version is alsa-lib-1.0.9rf-3
  1.   I install wine-0.9.10 rpm package on my system. when i start winecfg, click "audio" page, the dialog crashed. there are some message:
  conf.c£º3083£ºsnd_config_update_free: ¶ÏÑÔ¡°update->count > 0 && update->finfo¡±Ê§°Ü
=>1 0xb7f8d402 (0xb7f8d402)
  2 0xb7e44872 abort+0x1d2 in (0xb7e44872)
  3 0xb7e3c718 __assert_fail+0x108 in (0xb7e3c718)
  4 0x7d1bbdaf snd_config_update_free+0xaf in (0x7d1bbdaf)
  5 0x7d1bba27 snd_config_update_r+0x467 in (0x7d1bba27)
  6 0x7d1bbce6 snd_config_update+0x46 in (0x7d1bbce6)
  7 0x7d1c4b3d snd_ctl_open+0x2d in (0x7d1c4b3d)
  8 0x7d260779 ALSA_ScanDevices+0xa9(directhw=0x0, defctlcard=0xffffffff, defpcmcard=0xffffffff, defpcmdev=0xffffffff, fixedctlcard=0xffffffff, fixedpcmcard=0xffffffff, fixedpcmdev=0x0) [/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/wine-0.9.12/dlls/winmm/winealsa/audio.c:1336] in winealsa (0x7d260779)
  2.  while when i compile the wine source codes 0.9.10 tar.gz , and install , the dialog didnt  crash .
  3. after 1. i tried compile alsa-lib source codes, and install,  the dialog didnt crash.
  4. after 1, i link the /etc/alsa to /usr/share/alsa, the dialog didnt crash too.
  could anyone explain why this happens? and if i just want to install  rpm package of wine and alsa-lib , what should i do 
  thanks in advance

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