Problems compiling older wine-versions

Peter Beutner p.beutner at
Mon May 22 14:50:30 CDT 2006

Louis. Lenders schrieb:
> Hi, i just upgraded to fedora core 5 (from fedora 3)
> In my old system i had about 20 wine-versions (back to april 2004) installed which was great for tracking down regressions. 
> Trying to compile older wineversions now on my new installation fails with various errors (like wine-20050419 fails with error:
>  union <anonymous> has no member named a_ptr)
> Even wine-0.9 (first beta release) won't compile anymore.
>  I guess that's due to newer gcc/glibc versions. Is there a (easy) way to get older wine-versions compiling  again? 
identify and porting the necessary changes back is probably the easiest way, atleast easier than installing another glibc ;)

Assuming you are using git:

# create a new branch 'v0.9' starting at version 0.9
git checkout -b v0.9 wine-0.9

# fix for the flex issue(needed for wine < 0.9.10)
git cherry-pick -r 69dcbaaf93a65820a28fe2485b6d15a90f423899

# fix for undefined CLK_TCK (needed for wine < 0.9.1)
git cherry-pick -r 5c256c518faf2344266cabecad9fdbfd9d0095ad

Thats all you need atleast back until 0.9. I never tried anything older.

As for the error you mentioned:
$ git log wine-20050419..upstream | grep -B4 a_ptr
commit 2b6e7dad58833b0e4bf3a05c8ae2de3542728c2e
Author: Marcus Meissner <marcus at>
Date:   Thu Jun 2 10:30:08 2005 +0000

    Elf32_auxv_t.a_un.a_ptr no longer exists in HEAD glibc CVS, use

so I guess you want that commit too for wine-20050419.

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