comdlg32: Janitorial: write-strings warning fix

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed May 24 03:28:55 CDT 2006

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at> writes:

    Michael> Uwe Bonnes wrote:
    >>>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Talbot <Andrew.Talbot at>
    >>>>>>> writes:
    Andrew> Changelog: Janitorial: Fix a write-strings compiler warning in
    Andrew> dlls/comdlg32/printdlg.c
    >>  What is a "white-string" warning?
    Michael> Where have you seen the wHite-string? I see only wRite-string
    Michael> in his email.

Argh, I have to clean my glasses ;-)
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