Shell32 version (DllGetVersion) enhancement ideea

Dragos dragosmg at
Wed May 24 10:53:50 CDT 2006


  I am looking at the MS Office 2k or IE5 installation
issues on the current wine. 

  The main problem I see is that when IE5 is installed
within the office installer or by itself a message box
saying:"The spilt of the Windows Desktop Update from
the IE browser has been completed. You are currently
running a self-host version of the web shell. Please
go to http://ie/teams/setup/shdoc401.htm for more
information..." and so on. This stops Office or IE
from installing correctly. 
  This behaviour is also reported by at least bug 4789
but not as the main issue.

  This is solved if shell32 is using an older win98
file version something like 4.72.3110.1. 

  The problem as I see it is that we need the
shell32.dll DllGetVersion to return a win98 version
for some cases and a 2k for others.

  My question is why shouldn't the code be changed to
return the version depending on the currently emulated
version and the process version?

 This way when an app is set to win98 and it runs as a
win98 it will get a 98 version. When running as 2k and
emulating 2k it will get a 2k version and so on.

  I have investigated the code and found that by using
GetProcessVersion and GetVersionExW we can get the
emulated and process version. I also noticed that a
similar approach was taken for user.dll with regards
to   treating the edit control differently according
to the emulated and process version. I am talking
about get_app_version in wine/dlls/user/edit.c around
line 377
  We have a different version for all emulated windows
versions and at
  we have a a lot of the versions needed provided.

  On another note we can move the dlls/user/edit.c
get_app_version function to a location available for
all dlls so we can avoid code duplication and open the
way for other dlls to implement the same thing if
needed. I am not sure yet what that place would be.
Any ideeas?

  I will create a bug report for this issue after
sending this email. I am planning to post a patch for
it once the best approach is refined with your help.

  I am very interested in what you all think about
this so I will appreciate your oppinions. If you have
a better ideea I am very interested in hearing it.



P.S. Additional question #1
 What is "/* FIXME: when libs/wpp gets fixed to
support concatenation we can remove* this and define
it in version.rc */" refering to? 

I tried taking out the defines from version.h and
moving them to version.rc for shell32 getting rid of
the version.h include, just like other dlls have it in
ther version.rc(shdocvw for example) compiled it and
it seemed to work fine. I could make this change also
while I am changing code arround this same exact spot.


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