Shell32 version (DllGetVersion) enhancement ideea

Dragos dragosmg at
Wed May 24 13:15:32 CDT 2006


  Thanks Robert for the reply. I will not touch
version.h then.

  I investigated a bit more and the problem is a bit
more complex. The call that matters for my problem is
GetFileVersionInfo wich does not use DllGetVersion.
Changing DllGetVersion won't have an impact on it.

  GetFileVersionInfo reads the resource DWORDs to get
the info. That means we can have only one hardcoded
version for shell32. Am I wrong?

  Any thoughts? Any ideeas? It would be very usefull
to have this info offered depending on the context of
the requester. Else wine's shell32 will be only one
hardcoded version.



--- Robert Shearman <rob at> wrote:

> >P.S. Additional question #1
> > What is "/* FIXME: when libs/wpp gets fixed to
> >support concatenation we can remove* this and
> define
> >it in version.rc */" refering to?
> >  
> We'd like to do this instead, but wpp doesn't yet
> support it:
> "." 
> >I tried taking out the defines from version.h and
> >moving them to version.rc for shell32 getting rid
> of
> >the version.h include, just like other dlls have it
> in
> >ther version.rc(shdocvw for example) compiled it
> and
> >it seemed to work fine. I could make this change
> also
> >while I am changing code arround this same exact
> spot.
> >
> Don't do that. You can't include .rc files from C
> code.

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