Darwine is a Winner!

Jim White jim at pagesmiths.com
Wed May 24 16:38:20 CDT 2006

Hey gang,

This is obviously more a reflection of the intense interest in running
Windows applications on Mac OS X than a testament to my powers as
project admin, but exciting news nonetheless.  And although it occurred
two months ago (I just noticed it this morning), I figured I should get
the word out belatedly rather than not at all...

Anyhow, the news is that Darwine got voted First Place in the Desktop
Environment category of the 2006 SourceForge.net Community Choice
Awards.  The awards were presented at the Slashdot Lounge at LinuxWorld
Expo, Boston, April 5.


Other amazing-but-true facts are Darwine's high SF stats:

Rank	Activity	Downloads
381	99.76% 		172,941

The activity ranking is out of over 120,000 projects on SF.net.

What makes that even more surprising is the Darwine SF project page
isn't even linked from the Darwine web site (notice the nice banner!):


Of course this *is* a testament to the hard work put in by a few
developers, most especially (in alphabetical order):

Emmanuel Maillard, Pierre d'Herbemont, and Sanjay Connare.

This morning we just received a big CoreAudio patch from Ken Thomases of
CodeWeavers, so things are certainly getting interesting!

So here's big *Thank You!* to the Darwine developers and to the many
other Wine developers who are making the vision of software freedom a

Jim (not related to Jeremy) White
Founder and Project Administrator

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