Mac OS X Audio driver

Emmanuel Maillard mahanuu at
Thu May 25 13:17:49 CDT 2006

> Emmanuel Maillard <mahanuu at> writes:
>> Authors:
>> 	Ken Thomases <ken at codeweavers dot com>
>> 	Emmanuel Maillard <mahanuu at opendarwin dot org>
>> Changelog:
>> 	Initial Audio Driver for Mac OS X.
> Could you please replace the fprintfs by the proper Wine debug macros?

Sadly no, i can't, Wine debug channels relays on NtCurrentTeb which  
can't be call in AudioUnit IO thread, make it crash or worse.
But I can remove them all.

> Also it would be nice if you could send only your own code; I can then
> merge Ken's patches on top of it, this way we get a proper record of
> the development in the git history.

OK, i will split this and resend the patch.


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> Alexandre Julliard
> julliard at

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