Press: Linux Journal - Running Sound Apps

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Thu May 25 18:45:08 CDT 2006

I just saw the May issue of Linux Journal and it has an article titled
"Running Sound Applications Under Wine".  It's written by Dave
Phillips and it's pretty good.  Things seemed to work about as well as
you'd expect, well, maybe even better than a lot of you would expect.
Programs installed ok, audio configuration seemed pretty easy, etc.  I
actually think it's a great that Wine isn't the focus of the article;
he spends most of the time talking about applications.  I guess that
means all the magic was successfully hidden.  I half expected the
article to complain about broken things, but there was hardly a
mention of it at all.  At the end he did list about 4 applications
that issues, including one named "Finale" that didn't install.

Dave did mention he'd like to see the JACK audio driver working:
"Hopefully, Wine's JACK driver will work again by the time this
article is printed.  JACK is the present and future of Linux audio,
and it world be a definite Good Thing for the Wine Project.  A virtual
ASIO driver might be a helpful addition as well."

All in all, it's a wonderful article written by one of the top Linux
sound gurus.

[Oops.  I just noticed there's a glaring mistake in it.  He said he
tested with Wine 0.9.6 and then has a paragraph discussing
~/.wine/config.  I think it's a remnant of an old installation.]


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