[Darwine] Re: Mac OS X Audio driver

David Bialac dbialac at yahoo.com
Thu May 25 14:24:11 CDT 2006

>From trying to build this I also found that
1) @COREAUDIO@ isn't defined to '-framework CoreAudio'
anywhere in the build system.
2) The driver doesn't appear in the list of audio
drivers in winecfg

Right now when trying to play audio in winamp, it
crashes, though getting #2 cleaned up may fix this. 
Or perhaps there is more I need to do to get this to


--- Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.org> wrote:

> Emmanuel Maillard <mahanuu at opendarwin.org> writes:
> > All callback used by CoreAudio/AudioUnit are call
> from a thread
> > created by CoreAudio.
> > Its why i can't use debug channels, critical
> section and call
> > DriverCallback directly ...
> Yes, you can't do much without a valid thread.
> That's really a broken
> API if you ask me... Anyway, please remove the
> #ifdefs, and add
> comments to the functions that run in a foreign
> thread to ensure that
> no one tries to call Windows APIs from there.
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