d3d "regression suite"

Louis. Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 26 17:31:39 CDT 2006

Hi, i got a bit tired of testing all the samples from DX8 SDK, and www.codesampler.com and more , over and over again, so i'll try to put them all together in one 'automated' suite. Here's first attempt with about 15 samples from DX8 SDK:
I recompiled the samples so they will run for about 3 secs (one takes a lot more time) Goal is to look for regressions: if samples start crashing  i can search the log for unhandled page faults, and if samples throw up messageboxes , the suite will just stop. For visual regressions you'd just have to watch them :(. By hitting escape you can walk through the samples just quickly, if you do nothing it takes about 2 minutes to rush through the samples. I'll add codesamplers dx8 samples next, any additions from others appreciated!

(to test just do sh test.sh). If others find it usefull i can put it up somewhere else...

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