Release Information on Fedora Extras!

Neal Gompa ngompa13 at
Sat May 27 11:45:51 CDT 2006

I have noticed that since my post about how Fedora packages are
inaccessible, you have added the string "Currently official Fedora packages
lag behind, but you can get Wine-0.9.10 by running yum install wine from Fedora
Well, that is not totally correct. Usually about a week after Wine Project
releases a version, Fedora Extras updates to the newest version! Currently,
it is at Wine-0.9.13. I believe it will be a week before Fedora Extras
releases Wine-0.9.14 packages... I will reply when Wine packages are updated
you that an accurate guage is made of the lag...

The links below are to the webview of Fedora Extras:

Fedora Extras for Fedora Core 5:
Fedora Extras for Fedora Core 4:
Fedora Extras for Fedora Core 3:

Note that it is viewing the alphabet group of "W". Scroll down a bit and you
will see Wine packages. Please keep download form updated, you make people
believe that Wine is not being updated by Fedora Extras, when in fact it
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