return void function

David Anderson davea42 at
Sun May 28 14:23:37 CDT 2006

Your comment about 
  return RpcRaiseException(hr);
is quite interesting, but, IMO, it's not a good choice.

is c-like whereas 
 return RpcRaiseException(hr); 
is a (slightly arcane)
C++-ism which, I gather, really only came about because template/generic
programming sort of forces it to be legal else various
templates could not be written.

The original ANSI C expressly forbids your return
statement under 'constraints'
of section (ISO/IEC 9899 section numbering in this sentence).

I think the original questions demonstrate that 
it would be better written as simpler C as I suggest (and others

David Anderson: just making a suggestion here.
(author of the (first-ever-shipped, possibly) full ANSI C compilation
environment, shipped by SGI in 1990 (only usable on SGI MIPS/IRIX

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