AppBar support

Paul Chitescu paulc at
Mon May 29 12:14:07 CDT 2006


I plan to add proper SHAppBarMessage support in wine. I'm using as base 
some old code I've written to extend Win32s so it shouldn't be very 

I have however to choose a window to manage all appbars. It will have to 
receive WM_COPYDATA messages, much like currently Shell_NotifyIcon does 
with "Shell_TrayWnd". Obviously it has to reside somewhere in the 
explorer.exe as it's shared among running programs.

The most obvious choice would be to use the desktop window itself as its 
geometry has to be used anyway. I am however afraid that programs may 
blindly send a WM_COPYDATA to it, so an option may be to create another, 
invisible window.

What do you think about this? Do you know many applications that use the 
desktop window as an universal junk receiver? The /dev/null of the GUI 
world ;-)


Paul Chitescu

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