--without-opengl problems

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 29 13:51:46 CDT 2006

Saulius Krasuckas wrote:

>If I compile Wine by starting with "./configure", it builds 
>dlls/wined3d/wined3d.dll.so file.  Then If I run some Ogre (d3d) game, I 
>get all video setup stuff OK.
>If I connect to my tightvnc server after and run the game here, I get Xlib 
>errors in the output (about missing GLX on :1.0 or a like).
>Then I decide to disable OpenGL support in Wine and start with 
>"./configure --without-opengl".  After this the wined3d.dll.so is left on 
>the disk.
>And if later I run the game again via vnc server, I get weird errors and 
>see Wine crashing in wined3d.dll (and sometimes wineprefixcreate crashes 
>inside shlwapi.dll or opengl.dll).
>Isn't this behaviour strange a bit?  Shouldn't configure delete 
>dlls/wined3d/wined3d.dll.so or unlink dlls/wined3d.dll.so or at least 
>define code don't try loading wined3d.dll when "--without-opengl" option 
>is given to it?
>IOW, "make clean" shouldn't be necessary here, right?
>Well, I just may be missing some information...
The configure system is not robust enough to allow the changes you're 
talking off. If you change the options passed to ./configure, then you 
need to rebuild everything from scratch. Period.
Make distclean is even preferable to make clean.
Another options is to have one compilation directory for each set of 
options to configure you want to use (assuming you're running wine from 
the build tree).

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