Compiling wine on an x86-64 system

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Mon May 29 17:06:03 CDT 2006

Hi Pavel,

One thing to consider is where gcc finds your X libraries. Wine knows its on
a x86_64 system and supplies the -m32 itself. Of course, you will have to
watch out for missing required packages reported by configure (bison, flex
libxml2-devel, libxslt-devel, cups-devel, fontforge, freetype2-devel-32bit,
zlib-devel-32bit, xorg-x11-devel-32bit, mesa-devel-32bit, hal-devel are the
packages I had to add on my SUSE 10.1 system). All I then have to type to
build wine is

./configure --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib && make depend && make


make install (as root).

-- Andy.

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