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Raphael fenix at
Tue May 30 03:49:27 CDT 2006

On Tuesday 30 May 2006 06:01, Dan Kegel wrote:
> If you look at you'll see a link on the left hand
> side called "1.0 Tasks", which lists the 1.0 bugs being tracked in
> bugzilla. Here's the URL it links to
> I suspect a few of these are stale, and a bunch others are missing,
> but I like the idea of using bugzilla to track our progress to 1.0.
> What other bugs should be fixed before 1.0?  Let's nominate
> a few bugs to add to the 1.0 task list, discuss them a bit, and see
> what Alexandre thinks.
> For instance:
> I'd like one goal of 1.0 to be "make Windows developers take Wine
> seriously." To achieve that, I think 1.0 has to support at least some
> Microsoft development tools well, including their IDEs and debuggers.  It's
> probably unreasonable to require 1.0 to support .NET, so maybe supporting
> the last pre-.NET versions of Visual C++ (6.2?) and Visual Basic (6.0?)
> would be a good goal.  And I don't think it's that unreasonable anymore;
> Wine is pretty close to being able to do that.  What do y'all think?
> - Dan

I approve 
(Note the #3902 should be renamed as 'DIB Engine rewrite', and i don't think 
is mandatory for 1.0)

But i think we must fix users most hated bugs as:
 - dsound deadlocks/craps
 - openGL problems (multi contexts, fb/visual configs)
 - lotus problems

Note: it will be interesting to add user votes to wine-bugs (ala kde) to 
better see user needs.

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