How are we doing?

Mike Hearn mike at
Tue May 30 08:57:46 CDT 2006

Got a reply from somebody who would rather remain anonymous:


This may be just me, but the learning curve is probably much more
steep for a "general purpose" hacker than for a particular dll. I have
some apps I'd like to get working, but I find that the underlying
problems tend to take a long time to find, and when I do find them
they tend to fall into one of these categories:
-relatively simple to hack around, but difficult to really fix
-involves implementing or fixing something that's way beyond my skills
-it's unclear how to properly fix the problem

None of those result in a patch. Usually they only will only result in
a bug report or (if it's something the developers are aware of)
nothing at all. On the other hand, I'm not really interested in
working on a particular dll; I just want my apps to run correctly on
wine with as little kludging around things as possible.


... which is certainly true, it has a steep learning curve. But I think we
need more people doing such things :/

thanks -mike

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