Wine 1.0 Tasks

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue May 30 09:19:06 CDT 2006

On 5/30/06, fenix at <fenix at> wrote:
> >The OpenGL child window bug,
> >
> >probably won't be fixed for 1.0 because it requires
> >an X server change.
> No it must be doable without X changes

It might be, but the heavy hitters I know of who have taken a look at
it in detail have concluded that an X change really is needed.

> (But X additions as GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap will help a lot).
> Only problem is to find time to fix it (as lionel, i have no time for now).
> Anyway i having a simple and downloadable application to reproduce this problem (not lightwave) must help.

There are already simple test apps linked to from

> The only parts who really needs X change are for:
>  - glShareList: sharing fb/visual config between exitings GLX contexts
>  - dinput mouse management

Are those 1.0 blockers?
- Dan

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