Wine 1.0 Tasks

David Goodenough david.goodenough at
Tue May 30 09:45:29 CDT 2006

fenix at wrote:

> Hi,
>>> (Note the #3902 should be renamed as 'DIB Engine rewrite'
>>Agreed; done.
> :)
>>> and i don't think is mandatory for 1.0)
>>Probably right.  Let's create the next milestone after 1.0, say 1.1, and
>>retargeting bugs we don't plan to fix for 1.0.  (That's what GCC does;
>>some bugs they retarget early, some just before the release.)
>>> But i think we must fix users most hated bugs as:
>>>  - dsound deadlocks/craps
>>>  - openGL problems (multi contexts, fb/visual configs)
>>>  - lotus problems
>>The OpenGL child window bug,
>>probably won't be fixed for 1.0 because it requires
>>an X server change.
> No it must be doable without X changes
> (But X additions as GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap will help a lot).
> Only problem is to find time to fix it (as lionel, i have no time for
> now). Anyway i having a simple and downloadable application to reproduce
> this problem (not lightwave) must help.
> The only parts who really needs X change are for:
>  - glShareList: sharing fb/visual config between exitings GLX contexts
>  - dinput mouse management
>>I'm not sure lotus notes problems should block 1.0, as IBM has a native
>>Linux client now, but if someone wants to fix them (especially the ones
>>in usp10.dll netapi32.dll, that would be great.
> agree :)
Not sure this is quite true.  They are promising a native client for the
next release of Notes, it is called Hannover, and it is built on the 
Eclipse Rich Client Platform in Java.  But there is not one today that
I am aware of.

The next release is not due until early 2007 if I remember correctly.  So
it all depends on when 1.0 is due.

>>> Note: it will be interesting to add user votes to wine-bugs (ala kde) to
>>> better see user needs.
>>There are already user votes in bugzilla, that should suffice.
>>- Dan
> Oups i never seen it :)
> Regards,
> Raphael

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